Republican Party of Iowa Co-Chairman David Fischer called on Iowa’s elected

officials to reaffirm and defend the Constitutional right of Iowans to defend

themselves after Iowa State Representative Dan Muhlbauer said he believed in

both the banning of legally owned semi-automatic firearms as well as the

confiscation of guns from law abiding Iowa residents.

When asked if a ban should be instituted only for future purchases or

backdated on those guns already owned, Representative Muhlbauer responded,

“We need to get them of the streets, illegally, and even if you have them I think

we need to start taking them.”

In response Iowa GOP Co-Chairman David Fischer issued the following


“statements like this show that Representative Dan Muhl-bauer
clearly doesn’t understand the Constitutional protections of the second or fourth
amendment. His idea that the government should “start
taking” our guns is especially troubling. The Republican Party is prepared to
stand with the people of Iowa and fight for their constitutionally guaranteed
right to defend themselves and their families.

Absolutely nowhere in the Constitution does it give the government the right to

confiscate our guns.  (unquote)


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