An Ag Legislation Public Input meeting was held in Wilton on Tuesday, January

8th, and the focus was to gather information for the upcoming session. The

meeting was sponsored by Representatives Bobby Kauffman, Mark Lofgren and

Tom Sands.

The two main speakers of the afternoon were Bill Norty, Iowa Secretary of

Agriculture and Pat Grassley, Iowa House of Agriculture Committee


Also present were Jeff Kauffman, Tom Sands, Dan Peterson, Jan Laufgrin, and

Mark Laufgren.

Bill Northey reported that in 2002, Iowa Agriculture sold $12 billion in product

alone – that breaks down to $6 billion in crops and $6 billion in livestock. Last

year that number grew to $30 billion - $20 billion in crops and livestock $10


Secretary Bill Northy also reported that potential regulations from Washington

DC would damper production and reduce both product and sales. Mr Northy

also believes that farmers can do a better job and yield better numbers without

new regulations.

Pat Grassley -  Ag Chairman – spoke of challenges of taking on his position and

the importance of the AG community working on issues that not only affects

Rural Iowa, but also Urban Iowa. Mr Grassley announced that his first priority is

helping young people to begin farming in agriculture. Bob Kauffman would be

heading that particular committee.

Other topics included a Road use tax for electric vehicles, government

regulations of livestock facilities,  The Nuclear power plant Bill, how the death

tax effects family farms, how the AG Tax differs from Urban Tax, and investing

Surplus funds into Agriculture.


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