Jefferson School was the topic for Tuesday's meeting at the Muscatine school

Administration building.

Superintendent Bill Decker presented a slide show containing photographs all

taken by a third party inspector on the condition of the School. The building

itself is 82 years old and is in need of repair – while Central Middle school –

although connected – is 14 years younger and is in remarkably in very good


The topics presented was moisture damage to the facade, sections of the roof,

and interior, lack of classroom space, maintenance, and several possible code


4 different proposals were explained along with a price tag, and the results of

each phase.

Phase 1, Option 1 would involve not only repairs, but an extension that would

expand towards the track/football field. That would require students to be re-

located to another school for 2 years while work was completed.

Phase 2 would expand towards East 9th st. Downside again the building would

be closed during construction. The cost for either would be $14 million.

Option 2 would be that that Jefferson would stay open while a new building

would be constructed around it. Upon completion, Jefferson would be torn

down. The cost for this would be $11 million.

Option 3 would be to construct a Multi level building where the current

playground is at and again, the current Jefferson building would be demolished.

The cost would be $9 million.

A 4th option would be to start over and relocate to another are of town or close

9th street by mulberry and erect a new building. The estimated cost would be

between $9 and $11 million.

Tonight at 6 pm a tour of Jefferson School will be conducted for those interested

followed by a meeting at 7pm in the Central Middle School Auditorium.


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