Today is Day 5 of week 2 of Two Weeks of Love  -  Toy Time is rapidly coming to
a close and there is plenty of room needed to be filled in the Hawkeye Hauler.

One of many Highlights for donations on Thursday was a unnamed family
dropped off 40 new bicycles at Kreigers and the Hawkeye Hauler. Food and
Monetary Donations can still be dropped off at the Hawkeye Hauler through
Saturday December 8th at 11am

Thursday morning during a live broadcast from Toy Time and Kreiger Motors,
Station Manager Jamie Hopkins spoke with Steve Hutton – MHS Booster Club
President - about the club, what it does, and how it helps school activities

Mr Hutton also mentioned that much of the admission fees at school activities
are collected by the Booster Club and those funds are then dispersed to various
after school activity departments


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