A lawyer for former Governor Chet Culver wins a ruling against a Muscatine company.

The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board has dismissed a complaint filed by a corn products manufacturer alleging that the Iowa City attorney’s former government position gave him unfair access to privileged information.

That's according to the The Iowa City Press-Citizen.

The Disclosure Board’s ruling is the second against Grain Processing Corporation’s accusations that attorney Jim Larew used his political position for unfair gain.

A district judge sided with Larew in September.

The Press-Citizen says Larew is leading an environmental lawsuit against GPC. But the company filed a motion last summer to get him thrown off the case, arguing his former role as chief of staff and general counsel to then-Governor Chet Culver gave him access to confidential information about the company that he’s now using against it in the lawsuit.

Phil Roberts, KWPC News.


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