Some northeast Iowans are speaking out against the Boy

Scouts of America's policy that bans gays from being scouts or

leaders. Zach Wahls launched Scouts for E-qual-ity on the

national level. Some eastern Iowans and started a Local


On, more than 450 people, many of whom are

eastern Iowans, have signed their name to a petition

spe-cifi-cally targeting the Boy Scouts' Northeast Iowa Council.

The petition calls the Boy Scouts of America's policy on

banning gays from being scouts or leaders discriminatory and

asks for the Northeast Iowa Council to reject that.

At the Northeast Iowa Council’s headquarters in Dubuque

County, executive director Scott (see-bert) said the council has

to follow the national policy.

Loss of the charter could leave some 4,000 young people in

northeast Iowa without a program, Seibert said, "and our

board is not willing at this time to risk that."


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