The Muscatine Community School District’s annual Progress Breakfast

on Thursday reports that the district did well overall over the past

year, but it was 2 high school students who highlighted the meeting.

Sophomore Haille Kerr and junior Chase Ryan, both who

attend Muscatine High School’s East Campus, spoke in favor of the

new facility.

East Campus, which opened this school year, is in the former

Garfield Elementary School - 1409 Wisconsin St. It offers an

alternative learning environment for students who require a different

level of learning.  Normal 0

Kerr told those attending that she was afraid she would drop out of

school due to low attendance.

She says now she goes every day and enjoys learning. Her grade point

Average went from a 1.9 to a 3.0.

Chase said he feels that the East Campus was the spark he needed to get



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