This is the 53rd edition! Happy Anniversary, Voice of Muscatine! Since we are 100% advertiser supported, the first group of people to thank are our advertisers. These businesses and organizations allow us to mail all 21,250 addresses in Muscatine County!

Just over 20 years ago, I arrived here on Mulberry Avenue to work for KWPC 860AM, the Voice of Muscatine. The culture I joined was committed to broadcasting relevant local information you could not get anywhere else. They had been doing it since 1946, and serving local people remains our most important focus.

One year ago, we took a risk and put all the local radio information into a weekly paper with local news, local funeral announcements, a community calendar, and the popular grocery inserts. Our advertisers have jumped in and supported this unique idea. Free localism delivered to your mailbox has been received well, and our print, radio stations, websites, and Facebook pages continue to grow!

Everyone on this team believes we are part of something special where localism, optimism, and encouragement lead the work. We want to say thank you to the postal carriers who work hard delivering us into mailboxes. We say thanks to you for reading the paper. We say thank you to our advertisers. Finally, I offer my personal gratitude to the dedicated Voice of Muscatine team for 53 quality weeks. Let’s do it again, getting better and better all the time!