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By John Morford

A Guy and A Grill


I have been involved with cooking and grilling for most of my life. I like to eat; therefore, I learned to cook. When I was a kid, if dinner wasn’t ready, I would grab some hamburger and fire up the grill to cook for the family.

I started my professional career in 1995 and learned the basics of cooking large quantities and serving catering events. In 2004 I felt I had enough experience to start my own business and A Guy and A Grill was born. Eleven years later, we are still going strong. What started out with me, a grill, and a truck has now become a business employing eight to ten awesome full- and part-time people, with seven catering vans and, soon, six grills. We recently added two smokers to the business and have been smoking ribs and much more. We can do multiple caterings on the same day at different locations. We cater all over Iowa and western Illinois.

I would say one of the biggest things is to have no fear when considering grilling and cooking. There are so many resources available, from good cookbooks to a plethora of information on the internet. I haven’t been “trained” as a chef; I just have never backed away from a challenge regarding new recipes or something outside my comfort zone.

Grilling is a passion of mine; hence, my business is centered around that. What could be better than going to a wedding or company picnic to see and smell your meal being cooked right on-site?

There are so many fun things you can prepare at home in your kitchen and on your grill. I think cooking at home is something that is overlooked too often when some great memories with your friends, family, and children can be had with a little effort and planning. Preparing more meals at home can also save you money and be a healthier option, too.

I look forward to our time together with this column and hope you will have some fun as well as pick up some grilling and cooking tips.

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