The entertainment lineup for the 2016 Great River Days will be as follows:

Wednesday July 27:

GRD committee is in the planning stages for a NEW event to take place in 2016 with more details to come as soon as they are available.

Thursday July 28th

The Fry Daddies:  Throughout
those years their music has taken on many shapes, but
the purpose has always remained the same. It’s all
about having fun!A.K.A. Dave Ellis & Dave Stanbro are not your ordinary lounge lizzards.  They have been playing music together for 30 years, throughout the years their music has taken on many shapes, but the purpose has always remained the samd “IT’s ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN!”

Ellis on guitar, keyboard, vocals & percussion and Stanbro on bass, mandolin, harmonica, guitar, vocals and percussion create an electric mix of great classic songs and of course plenty of Buffet.  Its all donw with a great sense of humor and plenty of audience partispation.

Lefty & the Spinners :  Playing just a handful of times a year now, Great River Days is excited to be one of those events for 2016.  Since the early 1970s, Lefty and the Spinners have entertained not only at local events but in area arenas with big-name bands. From corporate Christmas parties and wedding receptions to opening for the Beach Boys, Gloria Estefan, Jan and Dean and Johnny Rivers, these three guys and one gal have kept very busy making music together.

The band, which was formed in the early 1970s, was named after a left-handed member of the group and the 50s and 60s music that they played. None of the original members are currently in the band, but Seright, who joined the group in 1978, has been around the longest. Parke McConnaha was a member from 1987 to 1990 and then came back in 1994, and Beth Van Zandt came along in 1992.


Friday July 29th :

Hailey Whitters : With the release of her debut album Black Sheep (October 2, 2015 via Carnival Music), Whitters proves she was well worth the wait. Produced by ace session guitarist Derek Wells, Black Sheep is a soulful collection that turns sad stories into bold celebrations of people society often shames, layered over honky tonk and rootsy rock.

“It’s been really therapeutic for me to put it out,” Whitters says of the album. “Just being able to know what I want to say and get that out to people has been cool on my end.”

“When I was younger, I just mimicked people that I admired,” Whitters says. “I learned how to tell a story.” With an arresting voice effortlessly rooted in honky tonk’s long tradition of angelic sopranos who are equally comfortable mourning and raising hell, she has spent the last several years discovering that she has something of her own to say––along with a unique way to say it.

Whitters often writes and sings songs that detail the search for acceptance––of self or of others––sometimes dreamily, other times with rollicking irreverence. Features in No Depression and The Bluegrass Situation, a Daytrotter Session, several nods on 2016 artists-to-watch lists, and other praise have introduced her to a larger audience, who has responded with open arms. “I love to hear from people about how one of my songs has touched them. It just makes me feel like I’m doing something bigger than myself,” she says.

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Derek Frank / Frank Derek Douglas,  (will be changing his stage name to Frank Derek Douglas becauses Shania Twains bass player is named Derek Frank, and it has caused a lot of confusion)

Derek just finished his Debut EP with Grammy nominated producer and writer, Robert White Johnson.  The 5 song EP features original tunes written by Derek and other contributing writers.  It also features some of the best studio musicians Nashville has to offer.

While attending EIU, Derek started playing more guitar and singing as a front man. He fronted several bands through the years, including The Quad Cities Favorite, Grazin District, and has opened for such artists as Blackberry Smoke, Phil Vassar, Big and Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Chris Stapleton, Shooter Jennings, Levi Lowrey, Sunny Sweeny, Clay Cook from the Zac Brown Band, The Janedear Girls, Love and Theft, Runaway Saints, and Darryl Worley. In 2012 Derek Decided to further his journey and move to Nashville where he has been writing and recording with some of the industries top names.

On top of his music career,  Derek is also the General Manager at the Nashville School of Rock.  Their students have performed at nearly every major venue in Nashville, as well as a featured spot on Train’s Sail Across the Sun Cruise and got to perform with Train, The Wailers, A Great Big World, and John Driskell Hopkins from the Zac Brown Band.

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Saturday July 30th :

The Hong Kong Sleepover: The Hong Kong Sleepover is a heavy metal band from Macomb, IL.  They travel around the midwest performing and gaining new fans. The low and heavy sound of their music is only surpassed by their unique and raw vocals. Anyone who is a fan of  enjoying heavy metal can take solace in the fact that The Hong Kong Sleepover is keeping traditions alive.

Since being formed in 2007, The Hong Kong Sleepover has released two full length albums (Mustard 2008 and Bolshevik Firecrackers 2013) and one 5 track EP (The Swedish Teaser 2011). Mustard was the album that helped established their fanbase with tracks like “The Greasy Wheel Song” and “Hatchet Man” getting constant airplay. Bolshevik Firecrackers has pushed that fan base farther with a heavier sound and it’s acceptance to Pandora Radio.

Through the years, The Hong Kong Sleepover has grown and evolved their sound into a genre one could perhaps call “beer metal”. But make no mistake, their live performances are professional and full of energy.

The Hong Kong Sleepover will continue to create new music, perform, and push their band to the next level as long as the fans will endure them and their beer supply remains plentiful.

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Eleven Fifty Two:  1152  is a 4 piece hard rock band from the Iowa / Illinois QCA.  Their music is pieced together with hard hitting drums, heavy guitars & a mix of melodic vocals that will get you singing along.

We are four guys who have a passion for playing music, four friends that go way back, all from different bands around the Quad City area, and at times, in the same band. But when that all went away, we ended up back together, on a Sunday afternoon, for one reason… to play some music. We started out with a few ideas Dusty and Mike had and we just went from there. Our writing process includes the entire band, all our ideas mixed together is what creates ElevenFiftyTwo.

August 2012 we released our first EP called “The Company” released on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and all the major online digital music providers. We recorded it at Real Trax Studios in Davenport, IA with J. Urquiza (Three Years Hollow). We’re extremely proud of this release, as it was a real turning point for us as a band. A lot of hard work and dedication paid off when we received the first press of the EP. Since it’s release we’ve had sales all over the US plus some in France, Russia and Germany! We’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback, and that is the fuel to our fire!

April 2014 released the second EP titled “Day After Day”.  With a little more of a raw sound, they feel this EP gives the listners a better perspective of who they are as a band.

1152 has had the opportunity to share the stage with a lot of great bands including Taproot, Helmet, Future Leaders of The World, Trapt, Saliva, Throw The Fight, Three Years Hollow, Aterra Tale, and many others. We are continuing to grow and evolve into our name, and we are ready to see what the future will bring us.

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ogether with, hard hitting drums, heavy guitars and a mix of melodic vocals that will get you singing along.

PUDDLE OF MUDD:  Ask Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin about the writing and recording of the album Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate, and he responds with the same spirit of carefree wanderlust that defines his band: “It’s all easy peezy, dude, no big deal at all…”

Not to him, maybe. Wes Scantlin is custom-made for the new millennium, a rock star without the pretense, and a frontman whose spontaneity propels his offstage personality as much as it does his onstage delivery. “Wes is constantly adjusting to the vibe in the room, throwing his flavor in there and constantly trying to make people laugh,” explains bassist Doug Ardito. “He doesn’t do the David Lee Roth thing, where he delivers the same lines every night, he’s completely off-the-cuff.”

On Volume 4, Scantlin does deliver the same savvy lyrics that fans have come to expect since the band’s multi-platinum debut, Come Clean, weaving subtle innuendo and not-so-subtle lyrical wordplay around vocal hooks so thick, they even seem to make life’s more sour realities easier to swallow. Case in point, “Psycho,” the smash single from the band’s 2007 release Famous that rationalizes a relationship with, ‘maybe I’m the one, who is, a schizophrenic psycho.’

Famous, like both albums before it, was certified Gold after selling more than 500,000 copies in America alone. Propelled by “Psycho,” the album cemented Puddle of Mudd’s status as bona-fide hit makers, and earned them industry accolades including Billboard’s No. 1 Mainstream Rock Song of 2008 and No. 2 Rock Band of the Year, where they finished second only to the Foo Fighters. Keeping in that tradition, the new album goes down like the smoothest shot you’ll ever take. No chaser required – unless, like Scantlin and guitarist Paul Phillips, you opt for a cold, frosty one.

Volume 4 is a homecoming for Phillips, who left the band shortly into the recording process for Famous. Despite the success of “Psycho,” something was missing, and when Phillips and Scantlin reconnected earlier this year, all the prior tension had melted away and their chemistry was rediscovered.

“This was probably the easiest and most collaborative record we’ve ever made,” said Phillips, who described the process as, “a piece of cake, man” – on the sliding scale of Puddle of Mudd-speak, a description that’s right up there with “easy peezy.” “I stayed at Wes’ house, and we had a lot of late-night writing sessions over a bottle of Kettle One and a bottle of Southern Comfort. Just the two of us on his couch with acoustic guitars, and I’d record sh*t on this little hand-held recorder, play it back the next day, and not remember any of it!”

Even if they are exaggerating just a little, it still speaks volumes to the innate chemistry within the band, a chemistry that resonates throughout Volume 4. Lead single “Spaceship” blasts off into the Puddle of Mudd stratosphere of mixed metaphors and sexually-charged sing-alongs. Let’s just say that the spaceship isn’t the only thing blasting off.

Given the band’s radio success – “Blurry” was the most-played song across all rock formats in 2001, delivered on the heels of their breakthrough single “Control, ” aka “the smack my *ss song” – it might seem a stretch to call Puddle of Mudd underrated, but they really are. Some judged the band by Scantlin’s grunge-meets-surfer shoulder-length hair, while others chose to write them off as little more than a radio band. But those critics have been proven wrong on all accounts. Puddle of Mudd are who they are, and they are not trying to be anything else. What you see is what you get, even if what you see may be, at times, a little blurry.

“We just keep writing hooky and catchy stuff, because that’s how we write,” offers Wes, again, not exactly shining a bright light on the creative process, but speaking with a candor as engaging as the band’s music. “Being underrated is kind of cool sometimes, because you’re the underdog. Kind of like Cuba Gooding, Jr. in ‘Jerry Maguire,’ talking about all the love he doesn’t get. Play with your heart and you’ll get the love. We’re playing with our hearts, and we don’t bitch about what we’re not getting, we just keep writing hit songs. But at the end of the day, I am from Missouri – the Show Me State – so there’s still a little bit of that ‘show me the money’ attitude!

It’s that ‘show me the money’ spark that fuels Scantlin’s lyrics, and it’s a spark he doesn’t see going out any time soon. “We’ve all got people who are trying to take us for everything, but I consider all that drama in my life a gift from God – ‘This guy needs the drama so that he can keep writing endearing lyrics!’ The lyrics come out of frustration, love, aggression, I write about all kinds of emotions. I’ll tell you what, if I was happy all the time, these records would suck!”

So here’s to a healthy dose of cynicism and a cup overflowing with snarky indifference, especially when the end result is as undeniable as Volume 4: Songs of Love & Hate. From the smoky guitar haze of “Stoned” to the supple resolve of the ballad “Keep it Together” – two songs at opposite ends of the coping spectrum – Volume 4 finds a familiar place between the two extremes. Scantlin keeps the inspiration closer to home in the marital blitz of “Pitchin’ a Fit” and on “Better Place,” a heartfelt tribute to a cousin who overdosed that speaks to anyone who’s lost anyone they love. If punching the lunch lady is more your speed, check out “Hooky,” where Scantlin’s 12-year-old son even gets a writing credit.

Laying the foundation through it all is drummer Ryan Yerdon, who joined Puddle of Mudd in time to support Famous, and is now making his recorded debut with the band. “My approach to drumming is the same as my approach to music,” he says, “I’m all about conviction and attitude, and they will always supersede fancy play with me. I’d rather listen to the Ramones than Rush, you know what I mean?”

Yes, we do – which is exactly why Yerdon’s found the perfect fit with Puddle of Mudd. They’ve got conviction and attitude to spare, a bevy of hits to back their claim, and a lifetime of therapy packed into each and every release.

In the end, it may be Paul Phillips that described Volume 4: Songs of Love & Hate best: “It sounds like a Puddle of Mudd record!”

It doesn’t get any more “easy peezy” than that!

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Other daytime entertainment information that will be on the small stage in connection with RAGBRI  will be available at a later date.

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