Behind the Mic with Millie
Gentlemen, start your racers!
When I first learned that a few Leadership Muscatine participants were planning to revive the Muscatine Soapbox Derby, I knew my family would be participating.
My husband is a huge fan of all things motorized: cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles; you name it, and he loves to wrench on them, drive them, and now I’ve learned that he also loves to design them. I do realize that derby cars don’t have motors, but they are certainly built to go fast. When I first shared with him that the derby would be happening on the 4th of July, he immediately started talking with friends about building a car, and it wasn’t long afterwards that Over the Hill Racing was born.
Mike, Eric, and Trent have spent the last few months discussing design (over a few beers of course), finding the needed parts, and working as a team. It’s been pretty incredible to watch the progress unfold. You know these guys have to be a pretty tight team in order for one of them to do the bulk of the building and hand the car off to be detailed out. From skinning the car to painting and decals, the precision work is almost complete. My favorite part is definitely their car number. These guys were the first group to officially sign up and therefore have car number one. Let’s hope that number translates to a win for them next week.
A few weekends ago, I attended the team’s “tech” inspection and then headed for Derby Fest. It was a blast to see so many cars lined up in downtown Muscatine. There was literally something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the vintage cars from the original Soapbox Derby races of the 1960s were on display, along with many of the cool cars that will be hitting Third Street hill this coming Monday. The long-awaited return of Soapbox Derby racing starts at 11 a.m. on July 4th, and you’ll find me alongside Muscatine Soapbox Derby organizers Tony Kelly, Josh Onken, Kelsey Hodapp, Mike Moyer, and Matt Wendt at the corner of Third and Chestnut. I’ll see you there, and may the best racer win!