Finally, football is back!


Last Thursday, August 25, I was sitting on the couch at my house like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting for the Muskie football game to start. Just before 7 p.m., Brian Mussehl and Jim Miller came on the radio, and just like that the 2016 high school football season was off to the races. The Muskies went on to win that game against Cedar Rapids Kennedy, who at the time were ranked #3 in the state, a pretty big deal.


Our radio station, KWPC AM 860 FM 95.1, is where you can hear not only all the Muskie games but also a few others. For instance, last Friday we covered the Wilton vs Tipton game, and it sounded great! If you’re reading this outside of Muscatine, please know that we’re working hard to provide coverage of games that you care about.


There’s something about the start of the high school football season that you can’t help but smile at. It signals the return of the school year (which for some students is the worst thing ever) and also the start of fall, one of my favorite seasons. I’ve been patiently sweating it out while waiting for my opportunity to wear one of the many Vintage Sound hooded sweatshirts that I own. I’m also looking forward to taking my kids to football games and supporting our local booster clubs, who work tirelessly to support all activities.


I’d be remiss not to include also the return of college football, with all Iowa Hawkeye and Iowa State Cyclone games heard on our radio stations as well. You’ll be surprised (or disappointed) to know that even after living in the state of Iowa since 2002, I have NOT attended a Hawkeye or Cyclone game. Yep, I’m that guy. I’ve certainly spent time in Iowa City tailgating, but my two feet have yet to step inside the hallowed stadium that is Kinnick. I’m hoping to change that by attending at least one game this year and purchasing a Hawkeye XXXL sweatshirt!