As winter goes on, the weather continues to get colder, and even more harsh. The subzero temperatures, along with the wind-chill, require more time inside and less time out in the cold. With these dangerous temperatures, it is important to make sure that you are prepared in case your car breaks down, your power goes out, or even if your pipes freeze.

The first thing to remember when going out in cold weather is to layer up with clothes. Add lots of layers, including gloves, scarves, and a hat. Your head releases most of the heat in your body. A pair of insulated boots will keep from heat escaping from your feet. The less skin that is in contact with the cold, the better.

Captain Snider with the Muscatine Police Department says, “Dress appropriately, even if you are only going a few blocks. You never know what the weather is going to do and it can change so quickly. Have something packed in your car to always keep you warm just in case you happen to break down.”

With so many reports of cars not starting or breakdowns, you may wonder what is the best way to make sure everything is running properly in our vehicles.

Tammy from A-1 Tire says, “It’s best to get in before the winter season to test your batteries and antifreeze. Air up your tires since cold weather tends to help the tire lose air.”

You can also add Heet additive to your fuel, which helps with condensation. Tammy also recommends that you keep your gas tank above a quarter-tank full. Anything below that can freeze your fuel lines. There is still time to make an appointment with your technician if needed.

The main component to keeping your home warm is to change your filters. Filters can become clogged, which will make your furnace run less efficiently. Dan Moody from Moody Heating says this is what he comes across the most. He also recommends that you drip the warm side of your faucet, which keeps everything moving in the pipes. For those who have pipes that freeze, it is also recommended that you wrap your pipes with insulation.

Winter inevitably comes and goes every year. We hope these tips will help in your preparation to keep you safe, warm, and happy during those cold months.