The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, also known as FCA, is a nationwide club held at different schools across the country. Muscatine High School hosts a FCA meeting once a week at the high school. This is a club welcoming all athletes and coaches to come and learn more about the gospel with other believers. This is not just a club for Christian students, but a club which anyone can join and to learn more about the faith and the Christian gospel.  

Although FCA as an organization has been around for a long time, it has only been at Muscatine High School for about four years. Muscatine was one of the few schools that didn’t have FCA, until former student Annabel Graettinger worked with staff and the area director of Iowa to bring FCA to Muscatine High School. The group started with about 10-15 people every other week, and now meets every week with 80-90 students 

“I think a lot of students wouldn’t normally hear these messages, so I think it’s great that we are able to reach out to these people,” says senior Miles Utley, a member of the leadership group. 

The students meet during the week, giving each student pizza with the support of Little Caesars, Godfathers, and Pizza Ranch. Local churches sponsor the group every week to cover any funds the group needs.  

If you’re interested in being involved with FCA or learning more, show up every Wednesday to the study hall room in the high school during lunch. This is an opportunity to meet new people and learn a message from the Bible. 

“We welcome everyone, you honestly don’t even have to be an athlete,” says Miles. 

If you want to know more about FCA, you can sit in on meetings and ask questions of the leadership team. FCA hopes to continue to grow not only throughout Muscatine High School, but also throughout the region, bringing students together for a lesson and fellowship.