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Submitted by Katie Ball of Muscatine

The Ark Encounter is considered the most authentic replica of Noah’s Ark in the world. It’s where the biblical account of Noah’s Ark comes to life. It sits on 800 acres on Interstate 75 on exit 154, south of Cincinnati, Ohio, in Williamstown, Kentucky.

The Ark was begun by Ken and Molly Hamm, their five children, and 14 grandchildren, who started planning the site in 2004. The Hamms decided that their leadership team would be Christians and Biblical Creationists.

They first hired a man from Japan and then two Amish brothers. They bought 900 acres of mountainous terrain located in Williamstown. The Ark they built is the largest timber-framed building in the world. It is 510 feet long and 85 feet high, based on the Bible’s dimensions of 300 cubic long, 50 cubic wide, and 30 cubic high, using the Hebrew long cubic of 20.4 inches. The 3.3 million feet of boards, if laid out, would stretch from Kentucky to Philadelphia, over 600 miles.

Katie Ball of Muscatine describes her recent visit:

“We [Allan, Katie Ball, Sue and Bob McCleary] left on Monday at 9 a.m. and arrived at 6 p.m. We packed a lunch so we didn’t have many stops. One great tip, be sure to check your start tour time. We left the next morning and drove to the 4,000-car parking lot, walked to the main gate and got our tickets. Then got on the bus that drove us a mile to the Ark. They have 70 motorized wheelchairs and an abundance of manual wheelchairs. Do not worry if they are out of motorized wheelchairs as they will take your phone number and call you as soon as one is checked back in and they will bring it to you.

“At 11:30, we left the exhibit to go to lunch in the Emzara’s Kitchen building. It seats 1500 people and is a cafeteria -buffet. They had many choices of delicious food for $10 a plate.

“We spent an hour at lunch and went back to the Ark to continue our tour. I was so fascinated on how real Noah’s family looked in the exhibits; even their toes look real.

“I really enjoyed the many opportunities to watch the informational videos on the construction of the Ark and the history of the flood and the family genealogy.

“There is too much to mention. We spent seven hours and enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend the trip.”

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