Election workers needed

By Mary Mason

The Muscatine County Auditor’s Office is accepting applications for workers at the upcoming general election in November.

Workers earn $8 per hour, which includes training time. Workers attend a training session that is typically one hour prior to the election.

On election day, workers arrive at the polling location one hour prior to the polls opening. Workers are required to stay all day, through closing of the polls. A typical election day is 15-16 hours for the workers.

No special skills are required, though a friendly attitude is helpful.

According to the auditor’s office, “It’s important to have well-trained people working at the polls for every election, but especially for large federal elections, when voter turnout is high.”

Workers who would like to be considered for future elections can have their name kept on the list and will be scheduled as needed as they are available.

Poll workers will need to declare a party, as assignments are made to keep a balance of Democrats and Republicans at each polling location.

For more information on how to apply, contact the Muscatine County Auditor’s Office at 563-263-5821.