At the Durant city council meeting, the discussion was held to consider a cell phone proposal and hot spot proposal for emergency use. Per the meeting minutes, Kyle Olderog discussed the option of the city utilizing a hot spot. It is a device that will provide internet service in the event of a disaster or internet goes down at any of the city’s infrastructure. Council Member Mundt inquired if the city can track how many times it is used for twelve months. The cost would equate to about five hundred dollars a year. Mayor Spengler stated that is good insurance. The City Clerk cited the wind storm in 2014 as a prime example for the hot spot because the city was without cell service and the internet for most of the day; it was sporadic. Verizon can tie the cell phone for public works and the hot spot to FEMA for priority. This means when all services are down, that phone and hotspot will have service during a disaster. The council voted to approve the acquisition of the hot spot with the provision that it would be evaluated in one year.

Bobby Kaufmann was present and updated council on the completion of the water tower removal. He explained that the structure actually had a thicker steel roof than first thought. This added tonnage to the estimate causing unsafe conditions for the tower to be suspended by a crane and cut down. A second crane was needed to hoist the welders up to the tower. This caused the total cost of the demo to be closer to forty thousand dollars. Per council minutes Kaufmann requested an additional eight thousand dollars, making the total cost thirty-six thousand dollars, three thousand less than the other bid. The city had budgeted fifty thousand dollars for demolition. The council approved the additional expense.


Portion of Official Minutes

Member Gruemmer motioned, seconded by Member Mundt, to approve the transfer of liquor license for American Legion to Jaycee Park for Firemen’s Fest August 19th & 20th. Ayes: Sterner, Quiram, Gruemmer, Mundt Nays: None Motion carried. Approval of Resolution 2016-51 28E Agreements for fire service for townships: City Clerk explained the 28E agreements had not been updated between the City and the townships for fire service in many years. She presented each township with their 28E agreement that explained the taxation, and the services provided by the Durant Fire Dept. at the February Fire Board meeting. She has received all but one township’s agreement back. She will check with Fulton Township clerk. Member Mundt motioned, seconded by Member Sterner, to approve the 28E agreements and direct clerk to file the agreements with Iowa Secretary of State as required. Ayes: Gruemmer, Quiram, Sterner, Mundt Nays: None Motion carried. Consider Bridge Inspection Report: Clerk provided copies of the report prepared by Calhoun –Burns. The bridges are in good shape but the city will need to start thinking about repairs to the Yankee Avenue Bridge in the next few years. Steve Thompson estimated possibly within ten years the repairs will begin and also suggested speaking to the City’s regional governmental board (ECIA) for grants. Consider Resolution 2016-52 Approval of FY 2016 Street Finance Report: Clerk explained the street report, and how to proof it to the financial statements. Member Gruemmer motioned, seconded by Member Sterner, to approve the resolution and street report for FY 2016. Ayes: Mundt, Quiram, Sterner, Gruemmer Nays: None Motion carried. Mark Brockway reported there have been two variances granted by Board of Adjustments for a fence height and for a solar structure. He received information from IDNR Bill Capuccio that the eleven lots first thought to be in the flood plain, are buildable lots for slab structures; he provided the property owner with the information; he explained the clerk and he had another conversation with bond counsel about the abatement program, and will continue to research other plans. He has heard from Muscatine and Cedar County Assessors who have suggested only some minor language changes but are on board with the seven year one hundred percent abatement on new construction. Police Dept.: Chief Randolph reported the new Tahoe is in service; Special Response Team training will take place at Durant School on August 12th, at the request of the superintendent. Public Works: PW Dir. Olderog reported a transducer went down at the WWTP but was under warranty and will be replaced. The Feldhahn lift station controls have been causing problems; Jetco has looked at the situation and provided an estimate of $8,235. This price includes the option of the auto dialer controls that would match the other two lift stations. The current controls are over twenty years old. Member Sterner motioned, seconded by Member Mundt, to approve the quote of $8,235 for the new controls and dialer. Ayes: Sterner, Mundt, Gruemmer, Quiram Nays: None Motion carried. City Engineer: Steve Thompson reported the new water tower has been rejected for a State Revolving Fund project because the city has one tower that is functioning. Mr. Thompson is appealing the decision on behalf of the city, and clerk will check on local interest rates for loans. The water fund does have funding for seventy-five percent of the cost of the tower, if council decides to. That would leave a small amount to finance; new water tower will be bid late fall and most likely will be a twelve-month project. He will be checking with IDNR to inquire if they have accepted the city’s letter and request to remove the pretreatment portion from the WWTF permit; the sponsored project for the pavers is dependent upon the Eighth Street project. While the city nor engineer can dictate the contractor’s schedule, if they are not able to get to substantial completion that will leave a portion of the street gravel where the pavers would then have to be installed in the spring. Mayor Spengler expressed leaving the street, even a portion as gravel through the winter is not acceptable. The city will continue to meet weekly with the contractor and receive updated schedules. City Clerk explained Cedar County EMA has requested the city consider appointing a Public Information Officer for disaster events. The clerk provided FEAM description and duties for such a position. Clerk requested council consider this item and submit any names to her. The clerk will be attending training in Ames this week. With no other business, meeting adjourned at 7:04p.m.