Pete Hatfield with Exit Reality is always looking for unique ways to market his clients. A few years ago, he began experimenting with remote-control helicopters.
This new aerial approach to real estate photography was reinforced at a real estate conference that Hatfield attended and he decided to pursue it. “I wanted to create a better way to show my clients’ properties. I saw what drones could do at a conference, and I researched the steps to be able to it,”
Hatfield said.
The process was not as simple as going to a local retailer and purchasing a drone with a camera. In June 2016, the FAA increased regulations on the use of drones in commerce. “I had to pass the FAA part 107 exams for remote pilots,” Hatfield said.
Hatfield is the only realtor in the area with this license.
“The footage I get with the drone is really impressive,” Hatfield said. “It is great for my clients in rural subdivisions and who have acreages. It gives buyers a great sense of quality and beauty of the property.
A lot of properties aren’t easy to photograph, and the drone gives me incredible footage.”
Hatfield’s license and training allow him to fly the drone in town. Due to the helipad at the hospital, an FAA 107 license is required to fly drones in town.
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