Local resident Kerry Denison today announced his candidacy for Muscatine City Council. He will be running for the at-large seat currently held by Scott Natvig.

There is a ‘wind of change’ going on in Muscatine right now, and I hope to use my leadership skills acquired from many years of coaching, from serving as the PSNCO for the 3/327th Infantry (101st Airborne), and from my experience in sales management to help ‘adjust the sails’,” said Mr. Denison. “There are so many exciting things going on in Muscatine right now, but the current administration has run into a snafu that must be resolved and not allowed to happen again.”

Muscatine needs virtuous citizens to step forward with ideas, not ideology; with representation, not politics,” he said. “I look forward to being an independent voice on the council and will represent our entire city: from our youth to our seniors, from our laborers to our business leaders, as well as all members of our increasingly diverse citizenry.”

Mr. Denison first moved to Muscatine in 2008 and became a permanent resident in 2012. “I have had the privilege of meeting and working with so many great and thoughtful people in this town who really care about each other and kids, and who are so active in the community,” he said. “They have inspired me to step forward and do more.”

Unlike the typical candidate, Denison has not served as an appointed insider on one of the city’s many boards or commissions and has not been affiliated with interest groups that are active in city politics.

“I view that as an asset,” he said. “I have been involved in city elections in other Iowa cities, but I have always been an independent voice in this community and I will bring that independence to the City Council as well.” He says he believes it is also an asset because people are tired of politics and division. “I will always put principles before politics,” he added, “and I hope to be a unifying force in moving the city forward while being beholden to no one except to the citizens of Muscatine.”

In speaking with hundreds of residents thus far, he believes that the most important things to the majority of people are still core city services: police, fire, and rescue, street and sewer upkeep, parking, missing or faded signs, city parks, the municipal boat ramp, yard bags, and the like. “I believe our department heads and our dedicated city employees are doing a good job in these areas, but we should always strive to be better, with the utmost transparency, communication, and without all the drama,” he said. Denison also states that he is hearing a groundswell for hiring a local attorney to serve as the City Attorney.

Denison says he is looking forward to getting out and talking to as many people as possible, listening to their concerns as well as their ideas. “I am pretty outgoing and love talking to people, which probably explains why I enjoy being in sales and enjoyed playing in bands for over 25 years,” he said. “I look forward to being able to be a voice for moving Muscatine forward.” Mr. Denison finishes with a chuckle. “A lot of the people that know me, or have heard me coach, may say it is quite a strong voice at that.”

“I am lucky enough now to be in a position where I can devote more of my time and energy to my community,” he said. “I wasn’t born in Muscatine, but I chose to sink my roots here. It was a good choice for me, and I want to make sure moving forward it is a town where others will be proud to sink their roots as well.”

Denison, 54, is married to longtime resident Karen Denison (née Bishop) and has one stepson, Brian Prussman.