When Mary Ancell decided to paint her fence, she never thought it would get her so much attention. Ancell’s fence on Cedar and Fulliam has been creating a stir online, with compliments flooding in after she painted large flowers and a butterfly on the side facing the street.

Mary Ancell has always had a knack for creative work. Art was a hobby for her when she was young, but she picked up more skills as she grew older. “Art is like meditation for me. It makes me happy,” Ancell said.

When she was in school, she worked for a neighbor doing design work for a magazine. She got the job because she could do the artistic work and learned the rest from her neighbor.

Ancell now works for Iowa Memorial Granite doing design and sandblasting. Ancell said, “I applied to a blind ad looking for someone to do design work, thinking it was a newspaper, but Iowa Memorial Granite called. I get to do a lot of artistic work there now.”

Ancell and her husband enjoy working outside, which is evident from their beautiful lawn and amazing garden. When their fence needed to be stained this year, Ancell decided to “brighten up the space.”

“I didn’t expect people to notice it that much,” Ancell said.

Ancell said many people honk when driving by and stop to see the fence. She said, “It’s nice to have feedback and know people are enjoying it as much as I am. I hoped people would enjoy it, but the response has been a lot more than I expected.”

Ancell posted a picture of the fence on a Muscatine Facebook group and the photo has received nearly 1,000 likes, with more coming in each day. Ancell said, “It makes me happy knowing that it makes others happy.”