Robert Bynum Jr. Passed away Tuesday March 13th. Bynum served the city of Muscatine as the 4th Ward Representative from January 1st, 2006 to December 31st, 2017. The Voice of Muscatine reached out to his peers in the City Council, as well as Mayor Broderson, for their thoughts on Bynum’s passing.
Mayor Broderson had this to say “We are very sad to learn of the passing of Bob Bynum.  He proudly served Muscatine’s Fourth Ward for many years and will be greatly missed by all of us.”
Councilman Santos Saucedo
The former 4th Ward City Councilman, Bob Bynum has passed away at 64 years old. While battling liver failure, he showed us what fighting with pride looks like. He was a true friend and servant of Muscatine. We thank the Bynum family for sacrificing family time over the years, allowing Bob to serve on the City Council. We send our love and condolences for their loss, Bob will truly be missed. Rest in Peace, Dear Friend.
Councilwoman Nadine Brockert
Bob was always very kind and gracious.  Once he had decided not to run due to his health, he supported me.  I visited him and his wife Bobbie this January shortly after I took office, and he shared the things he felt were important for me to know as a council member.  Muscatine has lost a very dedicated public servant, and I have some very big shoes to fill.
Councilman Kelcey Brackett
My sympathies go out to Bob’s family. I appreciate the advice and counsel he provided me, as my councilman and as a neighbor. His heart was with Muscatine and he will be missed.
Councilman Allen Harvey
I first met Bob when he was the manager of the Firestone store at the Muscatine mall.  That’s probably going back 25 years or more.  Throughout the years, I’ve always known Bob to be both a pleasant and an honest man.  Bob served 12 years on the Muscatine City Council and always worked hard for the betterment of his Fourth Ward and for the entire city.  Bob was a particular champion of both the Muscatine Police Department and Fire Department.  I had the honor of serving with Bob on City Council for the last two years.  I hope that all of us can show the courage and grace during our bad times that Bob showed during his.