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The Community Foundation consists of a  community-wide, county-wide charitable organization actively working to improve the quality of life in Muscatine County through philanthropy. Recently, the group gave out two prestigious awards, the Tom Hendricks Community Service Award, and The Great Initiative Award. For more information about applying for grants or establishing your own fund for granting purposes, call the Community Foundation at 563-264-3863 or visit the website at www.muscatinecommunityfoundation.org.
2018 Tom Hendricks Community Service Award Winner: Muscatine Children’s and Youth Choirs
In 2016, Governor Terry Branstad inducted Tom Hendricks  into the Volunteer Hall of Fame. Hendricks simultaneously received the coveted People’s Choice Award. As a local tribute to his leadership, volunteerism, and charitable work, Muscatine Charities established the Tom Hendrick’s Community Services Award. This award recognizes, a 501c3 organization That successfully implemented an important, quality initiative which addresses critical needs or enhances local quality of life.
 Muscatine Children’s and Youth Choirs received the 2018 Tom Hendricks Community Services Award. The Choirs and their leadership enrich the educational, health, and wellbeing of the children in our community. In 1998, Ric and Cynthia Smith joined the Muscatine community. Soon after, the Smith’s established these choirs as non-denominational groups open to and inclusive of all youth in Muscatine and surrounding areas. Their challenging choir programs have proven to establish self-mastery, independent thinking, teamwork, service to others, analytical thinking, poise, confidence, focus, and discipline in the participating youth.
The Muscatine Children’s and Youth Choirs practice at Wesley United Methodist Church and they sing regularly for churches, civic organizations, sporting events and nursing homes throughout the area. Their service to others has grown over the past nineteen years, regionally and overseas. From performing and carrying out humanitarian missions in Kosovo for displaced persons camps to partnering with the nonprofit group called Serve Haiti, our Muscatine Children’s and Youth Choirs have reached far and wide in their efforts to improve the quality of life in many communities.
2018 Great Initiative Award Winner: Mel McMains
Each year, the Great Initiative Award honors a community member that championed an initiative with profound impact on our community and the people within it. The award winners exemplify strong values, unwavering volunteerism, a positive spirit, and a focus on community betterment.
Mel McMains earned the 2018 Great Initiative Award for his abundant commitment, consistent support and active leadership in Investing for the Future of Muscatine County’s charitable causes.
A retired Corporate Vice President of HNI Corporation, McMains has served for many years as the volunteer chairman of the Community Foundation’s Investment Committee. He developed and leads the investment program used by the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, which benefits scores of charities, numerous scholarships, and hundreds of grants in support of excellence within our community.
The impact of McMain’s work has literally touched thousands of lives in Muscatine County and scores of nonprofit organizations, ensuring a bright future for Muscatine County’s charitable causes.

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