West Hill Sewer Replacement Project

The West Hill Sewer Separation project is nearing completion around the 4th Street Park area and will be moving down to the East 5th Street area in the next couple of weeks.

City Inspector Steve Dalbey reports that the storm sewer has been completed around the 4th Street Park area with the contractor now working on the sanitary sewer services near Cherry Lane.

Crews have also finished the grading for the paving of West 4th between Locust and the park. The paving contractor is planning to begin pouring concrete on West 4th from Locust to Broadway this week. Grading for paving is now occurring on Broadway between the #3 and #4 alleys on the east side of the park. That section will be poured when the paving from Locust to Broadway is complete.

Once the contractor finishes the grading and the sewer work at Cherry Lane, the focus of the sanitary sewer replacement project will shift to East 5th Street between Cedar Street and Iowa Avenue. Muscatine Power & Water (MPW) is currently working in that area doing valve and fire hydrant replacement work.

Mississippi Drive Reconstruction

Paving should begin this week on the section of Mississippi Drive from Iowa to Chestnut beginning with the center island followed by the east bound lane, weather permitting. KE Flatworks is still waiting for the Merrill Hotel construction crews to move equipment away from in front of the new facility so that the west bound and hotel drop off lanes can be prepared and poured.

Sanitary sewer work is complete to Pine Street although a small section of a shallower sanitary sewer is expected to be placed this week from Pine back toward Chestnut. It is also hoped that a time frame this weekend will allow the sanitary sewer to be installed up Chestnut Street.

The Iowa Avenue intersection is on the schedule to be completed next week depending on coordination with Canadian Pacific Rail Road (CPRR) and the weather. CPRR rules require a flagger to be on hand when working near the rail road.

City of Muscatine project manager Bill Haag also said that CPRR is reviewing the locations for the signals and cross arms that will be used when the “Quiet Zone” goes into effect. The required cross arms and signals for a “Quiet Zone” may not be installed until October but CPRR is reviewing whether they can use the existing cross arms and signals to allow the paving of the crossing to be completed.

The current schedule for the month of August has paving from Iowa to Chestnut, paving of the Iowa Avenue intersection, and paving from Chestnut to Pine. Paving of Chestnut up to #1 alley will be dependent on the Merrill Hotel contractors’ construction schedule on that side of the new hotel.

Cleveland Street Reconstruction

Reconstruction of Cleveland Street from Park Avenue to 2nd Avenue has been delayed. City of Muscatine officials are working with the contractor to put together a new schedule for the project and will host a public meeting for concerned businesses and residents once that schedule has been formalized.