As the first few months of the year roll around so does the time for the Muscatine High School’s annual musical.  This year, the MHS Drama Department, headed by Rene Mauck, is performing the musical Catch Me if You Can. The show follows the story of Frank Jr., a comedic fraud who is running from the law through multiple identity changes and evading FBI agents.  For the students in this musical, rehearsals have begun, and they are preparing for all of the effort that it takes to put on a fairly large production like this one.  There are many elements that go into preparing a show that pleases an audience.  For example, cast members need to memorize lines and music, as well as choreography and blocking on stage.  There are quite a few more nuts and bolts that go into getting ready to put on a production than what meets the eye.  Nonetheless, the entire cast is very excited for this musical, and they are already expecting to have a great show.  Now begins the process between reading lines out of a book and the curtain opening for the first time on the premiere night.   Catch Me if You Can is to be performed in April.