channonName: Michael Channon

Office running for: Muscatine County Sheriff

Current Position: Muscatine County Sheriff Deputy

What are the biggest issues you feel should be addressed?

If elected, I will implement a good policy that would make it mandatory for all patrol deputies to wear body cameras during any public encounter. This will ensure the transparency of the office and protect both deputies and citizens alike. It has been said by the current sheriff that there needs to be a policy in place and this is why he took away the body cameras last year. I agree, there does need to be a policy in place; however, there is no formal policy for the jail staff and they continue to use body cameras. The policy should apply to both divisions wearing the body cameras and I will work with the county attorney to get this policy written and in place.

What steps would you take to correct/ impact these issues?

I would implement better security at the Courthouse. Currently, we have one deputy assigned to the Courthouse. This is a three-floor building and in today’s society, we need to do whatever we can to be proactive in order to keep the citizens safe. We have had multiple incidents that have occurred inside the Courthouse during the last two years that could have had terrible outcomes. With all the cases that go in front of the courts–criminal cases, divorces, child custody, and civil cases, any one of which be very volatile. It is the responsibility of the Sheriff to ensure everyone’s (Courthouse personnel and civilians’) safety. If something were to happen without the proper security measures in place, the liability of the county is much higher.

I would make the Sheriff’s Office more available to the public by having public meetings and education sessions about crime trends, narcotics, scams, alcohol-related issues, and child safety issues, just to name a few. By doing this, I believe it will bring more trust between law enforcement and community members.

What would you like voters to know about you?

I would like the voters to know that I have 18 years of law enforcement and 14 years of military experience. I will dedicate myself to responsible fiscal spending, initiate more community involvement, and take steps to ensure their safety and get rid of the “good ole boy” system.