The clergy in the area have recently been writing this column about violence. There are many forms of violence, but I would like to talk about the national violence that is occurring all around us in stores, restaurants, and even at family dinner tables. Some will say that it is a conflict between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party; others will say that it is between the liberals and the conservatives. And still others will say that it is between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Regardless of what you call it, this rift is tearing our country apart. There is no longer any respect between the two sides, and both parties have stopped listening to the other side. Both sides seem to be more determined to beat their opponent into submission than to find common grounds for agreement. If this trend continues, our country will be physically divided as well as philosophically divided. It is reported that California is already preparing to vote on whether or not to secede from the nation. And there are 13 states preparing to follow.

America’s greatness has always been based on the ability to come together and be unified. This is what we need at this time. We need to start looking at things that we agree upon and can work together on, and then expand from that base. We need to stop the lies of the politicians, leaders, and reporting media who spin the facts to suit their own agendas, or we need to replace them. We need to stand up to those who are interested in separating the American people, or we will be so divided that no one will be able to stand together. We need to stop the divisive, hostile rhetoric and the violent demonstrations. These words and actions only serve to solidify the opinions of the opponent and do nothing to change the opinions or to bring unity.

We need to come together with open minds, open hearts, and open ears. We need to hear the words of the Divine Being in whom we believe and apply those words to the discussions at our dining tables, our town meetings, and the demands that we make on our national leaders. Now is the time to come together in love, compassion, and respect, before it becomes too late.