By Daniel Salazar 


The students and staff at Muscatine High School are always making continual efforts to support those in need. On January 26, Muscatine High School held its annual event, Bowls for Hunger. 


Almost every year the Student Council has hosted this event at Muscatine High School. This particular fundraiser collects money for the local homeless shelter in Muscatine, MCSA. During this event, people have the opportunity to purchase soup along with bread, water, and dessert for as little as $5, with all the proceeds going to charity. 


Altogether, the expected revenue every year from the event is between $500 to $1,000. This event is made possible by volunteers and spectators from the double-header boys’ and girls’ basketball games that take place alongside the event. 


Student council advisor Rachel Fallon believes that Bowls for Hunger has become a tradition for students and members of the community. The event has a reputation of having a positive impact on the Muscatine community, benefiting those in need. 


Along with another fundraiser, the Hunger Bowl, there are many occasions on which MHS students raise money for MCSA and other charities. One such occasion is the Can Ball, an invitation for students to bring in cans to donate either to the food pantry or MCSA. Another traditional fundraiser the high school hosts for charity is Mr. Muscatine, a comedic beauty pageant for male seniors. 


In terms of future prospects, Fallon has high hopes for Bowls of Hunger, despite its lack of attention in the public eye. “The hope is that the future will bring diversification and have more 

community outreach within our schools as a way to reach and help more people,” says Fallon. 


Muscatine High School students are always excited about and look forward to helping out in their community. If you have any questions about Bowls for Hunger or are interested in making a contribution to MCSA, you can contact Rachel Fallon at [email protected]