Muscatine Wrestling season is off to a sharp start, with senior Nolan Bell taking leadership. Nolan competed at a tournament in Ft. Madison on Saturday, December 16 and walked away with a personal victory, making the Muskies proud to walk out with their heads high.

Nolan has been involved in wrestling since he was in seventh grade. Nolan’s wrestling career started because his friends pressured him into it. Now he is 2016-2017’s MAC champion. He is also involved in basketball, football, track, wrestling, fishing and hunting. Nolan wrestles heavy weight at 221-285 lbs. Nolan is not only a talented, hard-working wrestler, but he is viewed a leader by his teammates and his coach.

“Nolan is the backbone of our team. We all feel a bit more confident when Nolan is with us. He also builds momentum, whether that is pushing through a difficult workout or scoring bonus points in a competition,” says Muscatine’s head wrestling coach, Joseph Kane.

Having a leader like Nolan is what is going to continue to make the Muskies successful as a team and give an example to the underclassmen of what it takes to be a strong leader.

He leads by example, showing that you only will get out what you put in. Nolan stays after practice to get extra mat time with coaches to continue to make himself better. Since Nolan’s freshman year of wrestling, Coach Kane has seen Nolan grow both mentally and physically, being eager to make himself better.

There’s so many different ways to wrestle. It’s like a game of chess,” says Nolan.

As Nolan finishes his wrestling career with the Muskies this year, he has set personal goals and team goals. He is striving to not be pinned all season, and his team goal is to have a winning season for duals. Nolan will continue to be a leader to future Muskies and continues to make Muscatine proud with his good attitude, hard work, and dedication to the sport.