Great communities don’t appear from the mist; they are created through opportunities and people who are committed to making the most of these opportunities. Muscatine has an awesome opportunity to be fine hosts this weekend.
On Saturday, as 10,000 to 15,000 riders and support staff descend on Muscatine, after having ridden 420 miles in the extreme heat, they need a community on their side. There are 99 counties in Iowa, but Muscatine has created a reputation in this state as a place where good things happen. They are riding to the right spot. Here are a couple things we do that are unique:
We’re a nationally recognized Blue Zones community, where thousands of local residents are committed to taking some action to support a healthier life. Hundreds of possible towns were considered, but we outworked the others at a faster pace win the distinction.
There is no place like our Ag Learning Center on Lucas near the bypass. This is a partnership among the school district, local government, and private businesses offering teaching and programs in a state-of-the-art ag facility. It benefits every county 4-H and FFA student, but the magic is when at-risk students encounter and connect, with a horse, for example. These are times where students fundamentally change for the better after experiencing responsibility and unconditional acceptance. Did you know this is happening?
Because of the unique connection we have with Chinese President Ji Xinping and his personal love for Muscatine, two Chinese entrepreneurs have chosen to invest in the city. They constructed a building in the city of Jinan, China, that shows the great things our Midwestern American lifestyle offers! It’s one of the reasons for the new riverfront hotel development.
Saturday is an opportunity to invest our positive energy for a future payoff! Can we collectively be the best versions of ourselves to attract others to return here? Statistics show RAGBRAI riders visit communities in which they had a positive experience.
The Visitors Guide inside is a giant commercial for Muscatine County. Enjoy it for yourself and remember to combine it with positive people energy. Tell those riders they did something amazing and congratulate them! Maybe the best thing you can offer is patience if you’re near the G28/Hershey St/Mississippi Drive route. Patience is accepted and appreciated.
You never know; maybe one of these riders will experience a place to start a business and provide jobs, or will meet someone who compels them to return. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to be part of your community on a special day. Congratulating and encouraging others, regardless of your circumstance, will always be good for your spirit!