Attending college orientation brings excitement, nerves
As we begin our summer vacation of sun, swimming, and traveling, the graduates of the class of 2016 start preparing for a whole new world: college. When preparing for college, you go through the process of filling out a FAFSA, taking placement tests, and attending orientation. All colleges do their orientation a little differently, but whether they plan to attend an in-state university or a community college, every student deals with the same nerves and excitement .
Oscar Campos, a 2016 graduate, just got back from his orientation at Western Illinois University. Oscar had his orientation on Friday, June 4. Check-in started at 4 p.m. on Friday evening. When he got to campus, he checked into his dorm for the night, where he was assigned a random roommate. The whole first day they toured the campus and played ice-breaker games. Saturday was more focused on academics than the social aspect of college. The students were separated into groups depending on their major and were talked to by chairs of each department. After that they got to set their schedule and receive their official school ID.
“I was pretty prepared because I’d filed for my FAFSA and had everything I needed packed, but other than that, it was lots of nerves. I was worried about making new friends and having to room with a random person that I didn’t know,” said Oscar.
Although orientation raised a lot of nerves for Oscar, he has now made new friends and he’s more comfortable with, and excited about, attending WIU in the fall.
Isabel Wester, also a 2016 graduate of MHS, had orientation for the University of Northern Iowa on June 6 and 7. When she arrived, students were split into groups where they did ice breaker games and got to know each other. They were taken to a session with professors, where they talked about academic transitions. They were told what liberal art classes they’d need and made a tentative schedule. Day two consisted of how to accept your financial aid and set up your email. The day ended with making their class schedule.
“I’m excited to branch out and try new things,” Isabel tolds the Voice of Muscatine. Isabel is planning on joining tennis club and stats club.
Congratulations to all members of the class of 2016, and good luck with your future plans!