By Danielle Roos and Elaina Bravo

Tim Armstrong is the cross country girls coach, he has been coaching for years. His hard work and effort has paid off as he was named MAC Coach of the Year. Armstrong says that the girls on his team, and his assistant coaches were the ones that got him this award. “It’s really a good feeling to be able to receive this award. To me it says that the girls and the coaches share this award with me, because if it wasn’t for them and their hard work, then I wouldn’t be able to get this award.” said Armstrong. Armstrong thought that Bettendorf’s coach, Erin Flinn would receive this award. “I thought Erin Flinn, Bettendorf’s coach would receive the award, because they won the MAC conference, and PV had won 10 years in a row, and they are just a very talented team and she is a very talented coach.”

Regan France and Larkin Chapman are both seniors this year and will not be returning for the 2016 season. “It’s always tough to replace two really good runners, but our returning girls have a strong work ethic and that will just inspire the other girls on the team to work just as hard as they did. I think we could be just as good as we were this year, I went to a XC clinic that could help us. I think we could be just as strong as we were, and we could be a team to compete against.” Regan France, a senior, was very content when she found out Armstrong won the award. “I’m happy that my coach won this award, and I think that he is the most deserving coach to get it.” Larkin Chapman said, “I don’t think we would be anywhere without coach, he has put so much time and hard work into our team, and I just know that we are all thankful for that.”
Tim Armstrong’s goal for the upcoming season:
● Go back to State
● Challenge for the MAC championship
● Place higher than we did this past season

Armstrong thinks that they could have improved on a couple thing this past season. “I think there was a couple races where our runners weren’t very consistent. So I think we could change our consistent effort. But the meets where we ran well, nobody could run with us so I think that’s something to look forward to.” The award means a lot to Armstrong. “This is means a lot to me, it’s more than anyone would imagine, we compete against some of the best teams in the state of Iowa. It’s humbling to think that they would vote me as coach of the year. It’s not about me, it’s about the girls coming out and wanting to work hard and the assistant coaches coming out and helping us, and that’s what makes us a successful team.” Regan France has been running with Armstrong for four consecutive years. She really looks up to him and will never forget about him when she goes off to college. “Armstrong’s dedication to our team is what makes him special. He cares about us as individuals and not just about winning or losing.”

FUNNIEST MEMORY OF THE SEASON: “During a workout, when Danielle Roos said that I was the boss, and we would do what the boss said to do.”