Two area 16-year-old students recently spent time in Memphis, Tennessee, making memories along with music.

L-M junior Cloey Schultheis’ first memories of performing are from when she was four years old. She remembers singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during a pageant. Since that time, performing in front of a crowd has been a continuous part of Cloey’s life.

From singing and performing in pageants to finally attending Rock Camp at the River Music Experience, Cloey has begun to fine tune her talent and cultivate her sound. After attending Rock Camp, she joined other area teens in the group Juliana and A Soul Purpose as a bass guitar player. The group has begun to build a following with their original blues songs.

Juliana and A Soul Purpose began performing in and around the Quad City area. Venues have included the River Music Experience and the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest. In 2016, the band traveled to Memphis to participate in the International Blues Challenge Youth Showcase.

The group was invited to attend again this year by the Central Iowa Blues Society.  This year marked the 33rd year for the international event.

Cloey Schultheis and Austin Wandfalt make up Double Barrel Duo

Thirty-eight youth bands performed at the IBC, along with 230 adult bands. The showcase included bands from across America and around the world, such as blues bands from Finland, Poland, and Russia.

Cloey is joined in Juliana and A Soul Purpose by L-M sophomore guitar player Austin Wandfalt. Cloey says she knew Austin from school and thought he might be a good fit when a previous member was unable to continue.

The two enjoyed performing together so much they formed Double Barrel Duo, and they now perform locally at several area restaurants and bars. Double Barrel Duo mostly plays cover songs, though the pair are working to build up their catalogue of original songs. Cloey provides the main vocals for the duo, with Austin singing backup.

Double Barrel Duo can be found performing at many area bars and restarants.

Cloey’s love for music is evident in all that she does. When not traveling and performing with the two bands, she is involved in multiple choirs at L-M, including jazz choir, chorale, chamber choir, jazz band where she plays the bass, concert band where she plays bass clarinet, and marching band where she plays clarinet. Outside of the music world, Cloey is involved in FFA, varsity cheerleading, varsity golf, and pageants. She currently holds the title of Miss Iowa Royal Wish International Teen.

After graduation, she has plans of being a kindergarten teacher with endorsements in Spanish and music.

Austin’s journey to music was a slightly different than Cloey’s. “I was playing Guitar Hero when I wondered if I could play guitar for real.” He learned to play, and says that music is his focus right now, and he would like to see where it goes. He would like to continue to play, saying that his favorite part is hearing the crowd cheer while playing.

Information on their band can be found on Facebook at “Double Barrel Duo-Cloey Schultheis & Austin Wanfalt.”