The position of both Mayor of Atalissa and Council at Large in Atalissa had no candidates on the ballot.  The  Mayoral position received 60 write-in votes, while the three openings for at large received 168 write-ins.  The official winners in these races will be determined after the write-in votes are tabulated.


The rest of the Muscatine county election winners are as follows:

Mayor: Skip Kirk
Council At-Large:
• Herbert Gartzke
• Saul Ponce Jr.
• Monica Warhank

Mayor: Dewayne Walter
Council At-Large:
• Marty Hills
• Randy Jeffery Phillips
Council At-Large UNEXP
• Becca Shoppa

Mayor: Cyle R. Geertz
Council At-Large:
• Russell E. Grim
• Jamie E. Kirk
• Kelsie Lampe
• Kelly Loving
• Cynthia Massey

Mayor: Patrick Baker
Council At-Large:
• Heidi Halferty
• Michael Halferty
• Donnalee Holmes

West Liberty:
Mayor: Robert Harmon
Council At-Large:
• Diane Beranek
• Cara Calvin
• Joanne Iske

Mayor: Robert L. Barrett
Council at Large:
• Wayne Budding
• Sheryl Lenker
• Ted Marolf