On Wednesday, September 20, United Way held their annual Day of Caring event. Businesses and other organizations contributed teams to go out into the community and perform service projects. These projects could be as small as cleaning local parks to fixing up old barns.

This was United Way’s 11th year doing Day of Caring and they had about 460 volunteers for the event. The volunteers were fed breakfast at the riverfront from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. before they set off for their work. They did projects such as fixing obstacles in seniors’ homes, work for nonprofit agencies, and city projects such as fixing up old barns on Harmony Lane and cleaning up the Weed Park Zoo Garden.

Nichole Sorgenfrey, the program manager for United Way, says that the barns on Harmony Lane were one of the bigger projects that they did this year. Volunteers cleaned in and around the barn, did yard work, and did some painting to touch up the barn. Another big project that they did was repair a rotten porch for a senior’s home. United Way provides supplies such as gloves, paint brushes, and rollers. Businesses or people who need repairs done pay for the additional supplies on their own and United Way provides the volunteers and work.

At 11:30, the volunteers were fed lunch at Calvary Church until 12:30, then finished their projects, ending the day around 4 or 5 p.m.

None of this would be possible without those who sponsor the event for United Way, helping pay for supplies, T-shirts for volunteers, and lunch.

Day of Caring also takes place for students in spring of every year. There is also a Day of Caring in Louisa County and Durant High School, where they can give back to their communities.

This event is a way for businesses and students to contribute to the community in a positive, beneficial way. United Way would like to thank all who sponsored the event and all of the volunteers for their hard work to better the community of Muscatine.