On Thursday, August 17, the Muscatine City Council held their regular council meeting. The meeting began with an opportunity for citizens to present issues not already on the agenda.

One citizen, Roger Chapman, said that a few years ago, he requested a sign be put at the corner of Cyprus and 8th St. instructing semi-trucks not to use 8th St. as it is too narrow and difficult for semi-trucks to turn from. The sign was put in place, but Chapman requested that Traffic Commission take another look at the situation as semi-trucks are still using that street.

The council approved the petitions and communications on the agenda, including a request to use city property for “Fireball Run,” an Amazon Prime Series. Filming will take place on September 26 of this year in downtown Muscatine. “Fireball Run” is described as “the story of 40 rally teams as they compete in a legendary 2,000-mile, life-sized trivia game. To win, they take the road less traveled in an epic quest for America’s under-discovered places and obscure historic artifacts – all while aiding in a massive awareness campaign called The Race to Recover America’s Missing Children. And it’s all just for bragging rights, a greater cause and a plastic road sign. ‘Fireball Run’ is a mile-for-mile, entertaining, adventure-travel series which educates viewers and inspires travel.”

Also approved was a resolution to set a public hearing on a proposed annexation to and within the City of Muscatine. A voluntary annexation request has been filed for a 4.18-acre parcel of land and 6.68 acres of adjoining right-of-way for a total of 10.86 acres in the 3900 block of Park Avenue West. Prior to any formal action by City Council, a public hearing is required and will take place on September 21, 2017, at 7 p.m.

A request from Building and Grounds was approved for a purchase order to buy new trees and flower beds to landscape the new library.

At the end of the meeting, Councilman Santos Saucedo reminded citizens to be cautious and aware of student pedestrians and traffic changes as school starts again. He also said he is excited about the recording of “Fireball Run” in Muscatine and encouraged citizens to be present downtown during filming.

Mayor Diana Broderson added that the filming will be a great opportunity to showcase Muscatine’s community. She added the next Coffee with the Mayor will be held September 26 at 9 a.m.