The afternoon was full of testimony from more city employees. Prior to testimony from City Administrator Gregg Mandsager and City Attorney Matt Brick, the council hears testimony from Louis Savelli out of West Des Moines.
Savelli is the founder and owner of the Home Protective Group. The company specializes in police department training as well as investigations.
Savelli stated he was contacted by Brick Gentry, the city’s attorney, to investigate allegations by Mayor Diana Broderson of gender bias, sexual harassment and a hostile working environment. Savelli went on to explain that after a thorough investigation of all parties involved, the claims were found to be unfounded.
City administrator Gregg Mandsager then took the chair. During his lengthy testimony, Mandsager answered questions about the city’s social media policy, the city’s ethics policy, and the city code.
Mandsager discussed the powers and duties of the office of the mayor and the allegation of Mandsager was unwilling to work amicably with Mayor Broderson. Mandsager stated he had not expressed that sentiment.
The city’s attorney Matt Brick took his oath and began testimony shortly after 5 p.m.
The Voice of Muscatine will continue to update as the hearing progresses.