Ag students from MHS and students at Franklin school recently had the chance to participate in harvesting honey.

MHS students harvested honey at the Ag Learning Center, while students at Franklin have their own hives at the school. Along with learning about the honey and how bees make it, the students also learn how bees impact the environment and how they help people and nature.

MHS students used a hot knife to cut down the wax from the comb and used a special tool to scrape open the comb before it was put into a centrifuge. The younger students got to try on beekeeper clothing such as a protective hat and jacket. All students had a chance to taste the honey and the wax and see how the centrifuge works to remove the honey from the comb.

Once removed, the honey naturally separates from the comb and wax. The honey is then drained into a separate container before being filtered once more prior to bottling.

The bee colonies are a partnership between the Ag Learning Center and several local businesses to help teach local youth about pollination and the importance of bees to the environment as a whole.