At the Central Middle School orchestra concert on May 17, families of orchestra students were treated to a special show.

Listed in the program between composers Larry Clark and Richard Meyer was the name Zane Brockert.  Zane is a sixth-grade student at CMS who plays the viola in the orchestra and percussion in the band. He composed the price to accompany a story that he is writing.

Zane says he began working on the story in November, outside of school. When completed, the book will be a fantasy about three individuals defying a cruel leader in a dystopian society.

Orchestra teacher Jessica Blanchard says she was not aware that Zane was working on the music until he brought the pages into class. Zane wrote the entire piece, including music for four sections: the violin, the viola, the cello, and the bass. Blanchard says this can be a challenge because each instrument has a different range of notes.

Zane first wrote the music for his viola and a piano, recording one section to play back so he could listen to the sections together. He explains that he bought a program to assist in the process. Zane says the most difficult part was learning to read the bass and treble clefs, which he was not used to doing.

Blanchard says Zane brought in copies of the music for the sixth grade to play. All the students in the class were very receptive and excited to give it a try. Blanchard says that overall, there were minimal changes that needed to be made to correct small timing errors and basic troubleshooting.

While Blanchard says she has had students write pieces in the past, she adds, “This is one of the best, and he did it with virtually no help.”

Zane announced his piece, named “Fight for Freedom,” prior to the orchestra’s playing it, and the piece received resounding applause upon completion.