A honey education

Contributed by Bridgestone Bandag

Approximately 70 students from Colorado Elementary School and Muscatine East Campus attended the harvest, which was hosted by Bridgestone as part of an education program in partnership with Kids First Muscatine.
Mike Hagerty from Kids First Muscatine and his assistants conducted an “A-Z” presentation on honeybees, giving students a close-up look at the bees hard at work and letting them scrape the honeycomb from the frames. At the end of the session, students were given small samples of honey and beeswax to take home with them, and the honey was bottled the next day.
Bridgestone Bandag’s partnership with Kids First Muscatine is just one of the ways in which the company plays a role in enhancing the biodiversity of the eastern Iowa/western Illinois area. If you have any questions about the partnership or the honey harvest, please feel free to reach out.