My New Year’s resolution is for 2017 to hurry up and get here! I understand that come Saturday night we’ll say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. This past year, the entertainment world took a HUGE hit as we lost so many incredibly talented people. The music industry specifically lost folks like David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince, Keith Emerson, Leon Russell, Greg Lake, Merle Haggard, Maurice White and George Martin. I apologize if I left anyone out from the music world.


When a musician passes away, we can find comfort in being able to listen to the work they left behind. That’s helped me deal with the folks who have been lost in 2016. My job in radio also allows me to play songs by the aforementioned folks, and when the news would break about another death, the phone would ring off the hook. The listeners of Vintage Sound 93.1 love music and care about their favorite artist and bands, that’s for sure.


I also realized this year that I don’t handle losing people well, but do any of us? I think about my pal, Rick Carter, who lost his battle to cancer back in May. Rick was a good man who took care of his family, friends, and work; he was a guy who truly loved listening to and playing music. Getting the news of Rick’s passing was tough, based on the interactions that I was fortunate enough to have with him.


I care about people, and that’s something that I cannot feel bad about nor will I change. I’m always incredibly optimistic, and I know that 2017 will be a year full of wonderful things. I do not personally have a resolution outside of continuing to be a good husband to my wife, a father to my children, and to serve this fine community that I get to call home. Happy New Year!